Situated in beautiful Western Colorado, Swan View Ranch is home to a robust herd of Boer goats. Oh sure, we have horses too, and chickens, cats and dogs—even the occasional fox, elk, and coyote—but the goats are the kings and queens of the place, and they know it!

In the summers they run free over the alfalfa fields on our 10-acre ranch. They love the exercise, and always run to see us whenever we head out to do chores.

In the winter they stay warm and dry inside our cozy wood barn, which has stood solid on our place since the 1970s. We often have winter babies, and they get the added luxury of enjoying heat lamps in each of their little separate pens.

Suffice to say that these goats are pampered. Add to that their excellent breeding, nutrition, and daily fresh air and you have some of the best meat goats available in the western United States.

Please feel free to peruse our site. If you’re interested in any of our animals for purchase,  contact Mary. Owner of Swan View Ranch, she loves to talk about goats, anytime, with anyone!

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