KNR Radical Cat
*DNA Tested
Sire: LVNM Love’nm Sugar with a Bit of Change
Dam: K1K2 Aaprina Acres Shock Therapy
Born: 3/23/14
Radical Cat (affectionately known as R.C.) is a real prize that we wanted to win ever since he was born. Luckily, he became ours in July 2014, right around Independence Day. He has some excellent breeding coming out of Oregon and Washington with ennobled animals in his background like Love’nm Sugar (his sire), Sugar-Rey, Ward Mystic Force, Back to Nature Polar Express, Show Me Boers Splash of Beauty, RRD Prime Suspect, and  RM 745. We are really looking forward to the offspring we will have out of this guy in 2015-16.

SVR1 Pistol Packin’ Pete’s Ruger
*DNA Tested
Sire: KNR Pistol Packin’ Pete
Dam: KNR Strategic’s Francine
Born: 5/10/14
We are really liking the looks of this guy with his fashionable handlebar mustache! He is proud and fierce with several ennobled animals in his background. We have loved Pete and are thinking Ruger may step into his Dad’s hooves in the years to come—though they are special hooves to be filled! He’s too young to breed this year, so we’ll see what he does in the 2015-16 season.

KNR Hoosier Hunk
*DNA Tested
Sire: JCKN Incredible Hunk
Dam: KNR Luger’s Sensation
Born: 4/6/15
Hoosier (“Who’s Your”) Hunk? Mine is Gerald, but we are really liking the looks (and name) of this young buck! We just purchased him from Kickin’ A Ranch, an impressive fellow with many ennobled animals in his background. We are excited and looking forward to what he will do in the 2016-17 season.


SVR1 Heidi's Hoosier Cabinet BHOME GROWN BEAUTY
SVR1 Heidi’s Hoosier Cabinet
Sire: KNR Hoosier Hunk
Dam: SVR1 Sophia’s Heidi
Born: 4/1/16
When we first purchased our buck Hoosier Hunk, our cousin Diane told us about a Hoosier Cabinet that she had completely restored to it’s original beauty. We decided right then and there that if we kept a buck out of Hoosier Hunk, his name would be Hoosier Cabinet. When “Cabby” was born, we decided that we would keep him so he took on the name with the hopes that he would grow up to be as beautiful as Diane’s piece of furniture! Looking at him, we think he has a great start.  Thanks for the name, Diane.


OLD LINE BOER LOOKPistol Packin' Pete
Pistol Packin’ Pete has been an awesome buck here at Swan View Ranch for five years, now. He has some terrific breeding coming out of War Lord, War  Cloud, and Geronimo. He is a big boy with a great disposition and is especially good for breeding first fresheners. He puts a nice, small head on his babies so they’re easy to deliver, plus they’re all just as sweet as he is. SOLD: Thank you Dustin & Julie.

Clint (Sophia & Semi)GO AHEAD—MAKE MY DAY
SVR1 Sophia’s Clint Eastwood struts around the barnyard acting just like his namesake! He is a strong, muscular boy with several ennobled animals in his background. He passes on the proud look of his mother, Sophia, and the great bulk of his father, Semi (below) to his babies. He has a great disposition, is a joy to work with, and like the actor Clint, is a real ladies man! SOLD: Thank you Dan & Lois.

SVR1 GRD Tow Mater’s Reward
*DNA Tested
Sire: AABG NBD Git R Done
Dam: KNR Stellar’s Lookin’ Good (Stella)
Born: 3/6/14
If you’ve seen the movie “Cars,” you know where this name came from! Mater just has that kind of personality—he is a special guy who is long and tall with an adorable face that looks like it belongs on a kids’ show. He has some excellent breeding in his background, bringing in 10 ennobled animals like 2 Dox Stellar Reward, Main Event, Ripper, and Standing Ovation. SOLD.

We purchased Semi Load in the spring of 2011. Since then, he’s produced some absolutely gorgeous babies for us. Much like his name, he’s broad and wide with a heavy load of muscles that he passes on to his kids. His disposition is quiet, calm, and friendly, and his pedigree includes several ennobled animals, including Quality Load, Wide Load, Ripper, DSM 4B137, and Bingo. SOLD.

SVR1 Balance's Presley the KingALL SHOOK UP
SVR1 Balance’s Presley the King
*DNA Tested
Sire: EIEI Balance of Power
Dam: Rosiere’s 642 (Sophia)
Born: 1/8/14
Like The King himself, our Presley is hot, handsome, and hunky! We could see his amazing attributes right after he was born, but even just a few months later he was looking much older than his age, having developed a thick neck and powerful hindquarters. Presley sired some beautiful babies this year and is ready to do more. Contact us for more information on this beautiful buck! SOLD to Mancos, Colorado farm.

Balance of Power, a proud and regal boy with length and breadth. Several ennobled animals adorn his certificate of registration including Windy Hill Double Tuff, Eggspensive Powerplay and RRD V808. A great combination of looks and disposition. We have several of his gorgeous babies.

Hollywood’s Clark Gable
was a fantastic buck for us. We have several of his offspring that have earned permanent places in our breeding program. Not only do they have his tall and graceful looks, they also have his sweet attitude.

Sir Lance, grandson of the famous Bar-O Red Crown D’Artagnan, was a very important foundation buck for us. He is gone now, but we still have many of his beautiful does.

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