Rosiere’s 642 (Sophia)
Sire: Big Rock Bazooka
Dam: KB346P29
Born: 12/25/06
Sophia is a real prize and she knows it, as she walks with her nose just slightly elevated, and has her own private place to lie down, whether she’s out in the field or in the barn. She also insists on her own private eating area, and doesn’t like to be disturbed or interrupted by any of the other inferior goats. She has a fabulous disposition and is wonderful to do things with.

Note: Sophia is the mother of Hercules (a.k.a. “Gold Digger”), who won Reserve Grand Champion Market Goat and Grand Champion, Mesa County’s Finest, at the 2015 Mesa County Fair. Read more.

Elizabeth 2Blue Ribbon ProducingA SOLID PACKAGE
SVR1 Sophia’s Elizabeth Taylor
Sire: KNR Semi Load
Dam: Rosiere’s 642 (Sophia)
Born: 1/27/12
This is one of Semi’s first girls, and she has done him really proud—say nothing of taking after her beautiful mother, Sophia.  Elizabeth follows her around everywhere and copies her every move, and considering Sophia is the clear leader of the herd, we think this bodes well for Elizabeth’s future! She is really packed full of muscle—we call her “the chunk” around here—and she’s as sweet as can be.

Note: Elizabeth is the mother of Todd, who won First Place Market Goat at the 2015 Mesa County Fair. Read more here.

SVR1 Pistol Packin’ 007
Sire: KNR Pistol Packin’ Pete
Dam: SVR1 Pistol Packin’ Mama
Born: 5/7/12
007 is one of our favorites here on the ranch. She is super friendly and so cooperative. She is shorter to the ground so her big babies soon pass her by in height—but she is broad across the shoulders and hips. She possesses a lovely sweet personality that has guaranteed her a spot in our lineup for years to come!

EIEI Yin’s Geisha Girl B444
Sire: Capriole’s Esquire
Dam: EIEI Yin
Born: 12/12/12
Geisha is very showy and really likes attention. She started out a little shy, but has gradually come to enjoy human company, especially after having her babies. We think she likes all the attention she’s gotten as a new mom!

KNR Strategic’s Francine
Sire: KNR Strategic’s Power
Dam: Circle R Buffalo Codi Girl
Born: 3/20/13
Francine was a very special birthday present from my husband. She was only five months old when we got her. I adore her and have found that she is the gift that keeps on giving! Her first set of twins was born on Mother’s Day, and they were gorgeous. With Francine, it doesn’t matter which buck you match her with, she produces beauties.

SVR1 Dust Storm Delta Dawn
Sire: Wreck It Ralph (Tsunami Son)
Dam: Unregistered
Born: 1/1/14
We purchased Delta Dawn at the sale in Delta (thus, her name!). We were able to visit with her former owner to learn of her sire. She is 100% Boer, but doesn’t have registration papers. When we brought her home, she was quite wild. It was obvious she hadn’t been around people, much. We were rewarded for the hours we spent taming her when she produced her first “huge” baby, Moose. (Check the Up-and-Coming bucks to see him.) Now we’re super excited to see what she’s going to produce next year.

SVR1 Delta’s Elvira El Nino
Sire: Wreck It Ralph (Tsunami Son)
Dam: Unregistered
Born: 1/1/14
Elvia is Dawn’s sister, purchased on the same day at the sale in Delta. She is also 100% Boer with no registration papers. We loved her unusual look, though (she’s named after the model, Elvira), and so have many of our customers. We spent a lot of time getting her used to people and this year, she had two beautiful bucks.

SVR1 BOP Liesel of Book Thief

Sire: EIEI Balance of Power
Dam: SVR1 Tara
Born: 1/9/14
Long and straight, Liesel is on her way to becoming a very fine doe. She was one of triplets, but you wouldn’t know it by how quickly she is gaining height and bulk. Named after the young lead actress in the movie “Book Thief,” she has a similar way of capturing your eye when you look at her. If you’ve seen the movie, you know that Liesel’s adoptive father plays the accordion. (It’s actually a concertina in the movie, but it’s supposed to be an accordion!) Gerald has an accordion, and our daughter plays it, so we’re thinking one of these days we’ll give it a try at the barn, and see what she thinks!

SVR1 P P Skippy Peanut Butter

Sire: Pistol Packin’ Pete
Dam: SVR1 Apple Lattice
Born: 3/25/14
Skippy is well named as she likes to skip all over the barnyard with her head high, looking for attention! She is another fine young lady out of Pistol Packin’ Pete, and her grandsire is Semi Load.

RSUN Midnight Moxy’s Aunt Jemima
Sire: OH26 Midnight Moxy
Dam: RSUN Whiskey’s Rocky Mountain Blizzard
Born: 4/4/14
Jemima doesn’t make pancakes but she puts out some beautiful babies! She is blessed with a lot of milk to grow those little ones too. She is a quiet doe and prefers her “alone” time. She is our first doe of color but our buck RC has put out others this year so we’re looking forward to more soon!

Nala 2Grand Champion CSHE CAN DO MAGIC
SVR1 Ju Ju B’s Nala

Sire: SVR1 Sophia’s Clint Eastwood
Dam: K1K2 Aaprina Acres Ju Ju B
Born: 12/27/14
Like her mom, Nala is a real sweetheart. She carries herself with that special something that is characteristic of this line, as if she’s a bit wiser than her young age would suggest and is tuned into the powers of the universe. You just can’t help but look twice when she’s around. Possibly just a little touch of magic!

NOTE: Nala is the mother of Duncan who won Grand Champion Market Goat and Grand Champion, Mesa County’s Finest, at the 2016 Mesa County Fair. Read more about it here.

SVR1 Banana Boat

Sire: SVR1 Sophia’s Clint Eastwood
Dam: SVR1 Strawberry Banana
Born: 1/3/15
Why did we name her “Boat?” Just look at how long she is! Long, tall, and meaty. She is a little stand-offish like her Mom, Banana, but loves to strut around with her head held high. We think she would really turn out to Harry Belafonte’s song, “The Banana Boat Song,” but we haven’t tried it yet. Stay tuned for updates!

SVR1 Presley’s and 007’s M

Sire: SVR1 Balance’s Presley the King
Dam: SVR1 Pistol Packin’ 007
Born: 1/4/15
Being another “Bond Girl,” M has the same sweet friendly disposition as her mother (007) did. She wants to be in our back pockets all the time! And her face is certainly one for the camera, while her body is nice and tall. When she was younger, all our customers picked her out from the crowd first thing.

SVR1 Butterscotch Puddin’

Sire: SVR1 GRD Tow Mater’s Reward
Dam: SRV1 Balance’s Banana Puddin’
Born: 4/2/15
Butterscotch is our little “watch goat.” She notices everything and follows whatever it is with her head held high and her eyes moving. Whenever she needs to—which is often—she jumps up on top of the cement riser to get a better look. With her around, you never need to wonder if you’re being watched—you can be sure you are. She never misses a thing!

SVR1 Elvira’s Fancy Free

Sire: KNR Radical Cat
Dam: SVR1 Delta’s Elvira El Nino
Born: 12/26/15
Fancy Free and her family are named for the Oak Ridge Boys and their fantastic songs. (“I’m settin’ Francy Free…”) She is a beauty with all kinds of show potential. Whether on the leash or on her own, she loves to show off. Her preference is to be free, however…of course!

SVR1 Delta Dawn’s Jolene

Sire: KNR Radical Cat
Dam: SVR1 Dust Storm Delta Dawn
Born: 12/29/15
This is our first RED baby on the farm and she was a complete surprise! Color genes must be in her breeding although we were unaware of it. She is a beautiful red color that we love, but her personality is even better. This girl just loves people. She’s the one that will chase us out of the pen saying, “Don’t go yet!” Isn’t she a beauty?

SVR1 Sophia’s Miss Kitty

Sire: KNR Radical Cat
Dam: Rosier’s 642 (Sophia)
Born: 1/1/16
Miss Kitty is the sweetest little gal—she follows you all over the corral waiting for you to stop and pay attention to her. She is another delightful daughter out of our Queen of the goat herd (Sophia), which makes her very special. We love the extra color we got on her from RC—more red than what Sophia’s little ones usually have.

SVR1 Nelisse of Book Thief

Sire: KNR Radical Cat
Dam: SVR1 BOP Liesel of Book Thief
Born: 1/2/16
This little gal is part of the Book Thief family named after one of our favorite movies “The Book Thief.” We felt this family had the reserved and sort of mysterious beauty that was reflected in the young characters in the movie. Nelisse in particular echoes this sentiment—she looks quite normal in the pen but when you stand her up, you can see that she’s long and tall and nicely put together. She too, seems suddenly to be aware of her own beauty, but don’t ask us what she’s thinking, because we’re just not sure!

Rio Vista Ripley

Sire: Rio Vista Rip Shod
Dam: Rio Vista Brigita
Born: 1/22/16
Ripley is a real sweetheart. She wants to be with you no matter what you are doing. She came from the Rio Vista farms in Lamar, Colorado and thoroughly enjoyed her ride over the mountains to her new home. Nothing really seems to shake her up – she is just calm and friendly.

Rio Vista Snaps

Sire: Rio Vista Smokin Inferno
Dam: Rio Vista Snippet
Born: 3/5/16
Snaps is also very friendly but she didn’t really enjoy her ride from Lamar to her new home as much as Ripley. In fact for most of the trip, she was under my seat! She likes staying put in her pen where she knows she is safe. Travel is not her forte!

Rio Vista Remember The Cash (Vienna) 2YOU CAN’T AFFORD ME
Rio Vista Remember the Cash (Vienna)

Sire: Harmony Hill Flashin the Cash
Born: 3/20/16
Vienna has a very different look about her and I just think she is a beauty. She is extremely friendly and will come to the gate for you to pet her whenever she sees you around. She sought out her very own spot coming home from Lamar and enjoyed the nice clean straw all around her.

Rio Vista Red Flame

Sire: Rio Vista Look I’m Smokin
Dam: Rio Vista Nip-O-Speed
Born: 4/3/16
Flame is a beauty—”hot” as the kids would say these days–and she seems to know it. She is a lovely little gal but she doesn’t really want to be petted. “Look but don’t touch” is her motto. On her ride home from Lamar she kind of stayed behind Ripley which of course, Ripley didn’t appreciate!

SVR1 Chocolate Swirl Puddin' 2WHAT’S HAPPENIN’?
SVR1 Chocolate Swirl Puddin’

Sire: KNR Hoosier Hunk
Dam: SVR1 Butterscotch Puddin’
Born: 4/3/16
Swirl is a very photogenic little gal. She notices everything that is going on and keeps her eye out for something that she might want to get into! She doesn’t mind being petted, but would rather scout out the place and see what’s happening!

SVR1 Elizabeth’s Eve Hewson

Sire: SVR1 Pistol Packin’ Pete’s Ruger
Dam: SVR1 Sophia’s Elizabeth Taylor
Born: 4/8/16
For the first time, Elizabeth had a set of quads this year and Eve is the one we kept. She was a good sized girl when she was born for having two brothers and one sister! She likes to be petted and will quickly come to see what you have for her. Her name comes from an actress in the movie “Bridge of Spies” and one of her brothers, SVR1 Ruger’s Tom Hanks, will be a breeding buck in Delta County.

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