SVR1 Geisha's SyringaEXOTIC BEAUTY
SVR1 Geisha’s Syringa

Sire: KNR Hoosier Hunk
Dam: EIEI Yin’s Geisha Girl B444
Born: 12/21/16
Syringa is as beautiful as her flower name, though we can’t say that she smells quite the same. She’s not a fan of strangers, but she has a sweet nature. As the first-born of Geisha’s triplets, she was very protective of her siblings, and remains so to Kaki Fry (listed below), who is the younger and smaller of the two sisters. Her brother, Tofu, was purchased by a 4H family and shown in several goat shows across Colorado.

SVR1 Geisha's Kaki FryPRETTY & PROUD
SVR1 Geisha’s Kaki Fry

Sire: KNR Hoosier Hunk
Dam: EIEI Yin Geisha Birl B444
Born: 12/21/16
Kaki Fry was very tiny when she was born. For awhile there, we weren’t sure she was going to make it! Her mother thought otherwise, though, and gave her extra care to make sure of it. Kaki had her big sister, Syringa, and brother Tofu looking after her, too. Still, her small size meant that most of our customers paid her little attention in her first year. No matter. She knew who she was, and held herself accordingly. Now she’s coming into her own and boy is she showy. They want her now, but unfortunately for them, she’s no longer for sale!

Beatrice (1)BRINGER OF JOY
SVR1 Francine’s Beatrice

Sire: KNR Hoosier Hunk
Dam: KNR Stategic’s Francine
Born: 12/23/16
Funny girl—when Beatrice was born, she didn’t want anyone messing with her. “Don’t touch me!” she seemed to say whenever we went into the pen to check on the babies. Her brother Harry was just the opposite—he loved attention. As they grew up, though, they switched roles. Harry got so he would rather people leave him alone, while Beatrice became the most loving, friendly baby you could imagine! Now, we can’t get away from her, not even to take a picture. (You can see she was following me here!) Turns out we named her just right, as “Beatrice” means “bringer of joy.” Meanwhile, Harry has been sold to a 4H family and is showing off in various goat shows. We get to keep and enjoy Beatrice, and can’t wait to see what she does in our herd.

SVR1 Elizabeth's Maureen O'HaraFIERCELY FRIENDLY
SVR1 Elizabeth’s Maureen O’Hara

Sire: KNR Radical Cat
Dam: SVR1 Sophia’s Elizabeth Taylor
Born: 12/25/16
Maureen came into the world to a very tired mom! She was a single birth, but her mother (Elizabeth) gave birth to quadruplets back in April 2016, only eight months before. One might think she’d had enough of children for awhile! But Maureen is such a sweet little thing, and so pretty, that she has brought only joy into everyone’s life, including her mom’s. She’s named after the great Irish-American actress, who was known for her playing fierce, passionate and sensible heroines in western adventure movies.

SVR1 Jemima's ZendayaEBONY AND IVORY
SVR1 Jemima’s Zendaya

Sire: KNR Radical Cat
Dam: RSUN Midnight Moxy’s Aunt Jemima
Born: 12/29/16
Zendaya is a beautiful black and white paint. She takes the black from her mom, Jemima, and the white from her dad, RC. She is a little stand-offish and prefers to watch you from a distance. Sometimes her curiosity gets the best of her, though, and she has to come and see what you’re doing.

SVR1 Miss Kitty’s Amanda Blake

Sire: KNR Hoosier Hunk
Dam: SVR1 Sophia’s Miss Kitty
Born: 1/10/17
Ready to saddle up and head out into the country, pardner? If so, Blake is your companion. She is super friendly and enjoys all the attention you want to give her, and we think she’s quite handsome, too. She is almost a clone of her mom, Miss Kitty, with the same white lightning bolt on her head and the same sweet disposition. We’re quite sure if you were headed out to round up them cows, she’d be happy to go along.

10 Responses to UP-AND-COMING DOES

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  2. Diane says:

    Calamity and Geisha are so good looking and I’m sure will be fine additions to your herd. Love seeing these new additions.

  3. Mary says:

    Thank you Diane. I think they will be great little girls!

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  5. Trey Caywood-Hunt says:

    Hi Mary Nelson is doing fine he’s really happy here at the hunt farm he just got friends here today thanks

  6. Trey says:

    Hi mary I’ve been wondering if you have any does I could buy from you we decided to make to start our own herd

  7. Mary says:

    Congratulations Trey! That’s fantastic. I will have does for sale in February. They are all bred now and I am super anxious to see what I will get this next year. Come see the babies in January/February.

  8. Diane says:

    What a nice collection you have. They are all great looking and it’s impressive that you pick out their personalities so quickly and completely. They are lucky to come into your world and get such excellent care.

  9. Mary says:

    Thank you Diane. We spend a lot of time with our animals and get to know them well. We are very pleased with this group of young girls and look forward to what they will do in the future.

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